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Here is a list of frequently asked questions for our agents specialized in general insurance. Your question does not appear in the list below? Contact us and one of our damage insurance agent will be pleased to help.

Questions and answers

Auto Articles

Are my vehicle contents covered under my auto insurance contract?

Your automobile insurance contract covers what is permanently attached to your vehicle or which is specific to the use and operation of the vehicle. What is not permanently attached to your vehicle (i.e. contents of your trunk) may be covered under your home insurance contract.

It is important to notify your insurer when you install equipment that enhances the value of your vehicle (i.e. a more powerful engine or a new stereo system). It could impact your rate and in the event of a claim, result in a lack of coverage if the equipment was not initially declared.

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Can repeated consultations of my credit record tarnish my credit rating?


Despite popular belief, it does not affect your credit record since it is performed for consultation purposes only.

Do I have to have insurance to cover damages to an older vehicle?

No, it is not mandatory to take insurance to protect your vehicle.

For example, you don’t need to insure your vehicle for glass breakage or for damage caused by theft or vandalism; it’s a question of choice. You must consider certain elements such as the premium, deductible, value of the vehicle, whether or not a creditor or lessee is involved as well as your financial capacity to assume the loss, should you be at fault during a collision.

However, the Automobile Insurance Act stipulates that civil liability insurance for a minimum of $50,000 is mandatory in order to cover damage caused to third parties resulting from at fault accidents.

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Do I have to insure the trailer that is attached to the back of my vehicle?

Yes, if you want your trailer to be covered for direct damage resulting from at-fault accidents, fire, theft, or vandalism, etc.

However, when a trailer is hitched to your vehicle, it is automatically covered for civil liability under your automobile insurance contract.

It is important that the use of the trailer be no different than the use of your automobile. For example, a trailer used for commercial purposes would not be covered on a personal use vehicle.

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Do I pay a deductible if I have my windshield repaired?


You do not have to pay a deductible if you get your windshield repaired, provided you have “All perils” or “All perils other than collision or upset” coverage.

However, if you need to have your windshield or glass replaced, you are required to pay a deductible. Contact your insurer for more information.

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Do you offer a preventive driving lesson?

Benefit from theory and hands-on training from ICAR Driving Academy’s professional drivers. Under their supervision, you can learn to handle a vehicle in emergency situations, develop preventive and safe driving techniques on a closed track, and acquire good driving reflexes.

Also, you get:

  • an exclusive offer $124 99 (value: $249) for this course.
  • 5% off your auto insurance for completing a preventive driving lesson.
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Does the colour of my car have any influence on my insurance premium?

No. Contrary to popular belief, the colour of a car has no incidence on an insurance premium.

Does the law regarding the mandatory use of snow tires between December 15 and March 15 influence my auto insurance?

The purpose of the Highway Safety Code is to reduce the number of accidents. Your insurer may consider that there is an increase in the risk exposure if you do not install snow tires during the required period. 

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For what type of accident do I need a police report when I make a claim?

As an insured, you must obtain a police report when:

  • theft or attempted theft is perpetrated to your vehicle
  • your vehicle is vandalized
  • a hit and run occurs (required by companies offering a deductible waiver clause)
  • you are involved in a major collision with another vehicle
  • the event involves a criminal act (e.g., road rage)
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I did not inform my insurer that I use my vehicle to drive to work. What are the consequences?

You might not receive 100% of your claim.   Your insurer sets your insurance premium based on the risk you represent, which means according to the purpose for which your vehicle is used. If you utilize your vehicle to go to work, your premium will take into consideration the distance you travel daily from your home to your workplace.

I would like to put my car in storage for the winter. Do I have to inform my insurer?


It is recommended to inform your insurer in order to have a storage endorsement (Q.E.F. No. 16) issued to your policy. This endorsement allows you to keep strictly the coverage that is necessary during the storage period, and because it temporarily suspends certain coverage, you could be entitled to a discount for the storage period.

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I would like to travel outside of Quebec with my car. Do I need to inform my insurer?


You should know that the length of your stay outside of Quebec may influence your insurance premium. You should also increase the amount of civil liability coverage under your contract because as opposed to accidents occurring in Quebec, victims of accidents in other provinces or in theUnited States could take legal action against you.

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Need travel insurance? Learn more.

Is auto insurance compulsory?


According to the Automobile Insurance Act, automobile owners are required to carry an auto insurance contract.

If you were involved in a car accident without carrying insurance, you would need to assume total responsibility for the damages sustained to your vehicle as well as those caused to a third party. In addition, your driver’s license could be suspended.

Is it mandatory to file a police report following an automobile accident?

No. In Quebec, a police officer does not have to be present when minor accidents occur. In such circumstances it is recommended to complete an automobile joint report in order to provide your insurer with all the necessary information. However, you should contact the emergency services as soon as someone is injured or slightly wounded.

Is it possible to cancel an insurance contract while it is in force? What are the consequences?


Simply submit a written notice signed by the insured(s) designated on the contract. The termination takes effect at the date the insurer receives the notice or at any other date indicated on the cancellation notice. The total premium charged by the insurer shall include certain fees incurred for the issuance of the policy. 

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Is worthwhile taking a two-year auto insurance contract?

Yes, it is interesting to take a two-year insurance contract particularly because your premium does not increase for a period of 24 months even if you have a claim.

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My son or daughter uses my car. Do I have to inform my insurer?


The insurer will take your child’s driving record into account in order to establish the additional premium, if applicable. Otherwise, you could end up receiving partial compensation in the event your child was involved in an accident. The indemnity would be prorated based on the premium paid versus the premium that should have been paid or could also be refused. Therefore, you have to declare your child on your insurance contract whether he/she is an occasional or a principal driver.

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What are the main advantages of replacement cost insurance?

Replacement cost insurance is a complementary product that applies to auto insurance.

In the event of a total loss, the insurer guarantees the replacement of the insured vehicle in accordance with the selected option and, in the event of a partial loss, the replacement of damaged parts.

The main benefits are:

  • replacement of the insured vehicle or a claim indemnity to cover the replacement of the vehicle in the event of total loss
  • in the event of an accident, replacement of damaged parts by new original manufacturer parts
  • reimbursement of the deductible and rental expenses, subject to certain conditions
  • applicable to new vehicles, demos and used vehicles

In any event, we recommend that you verify with your representative or automobile dealership in order to determine if this product is suitable for your needs.

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What factors influence the cost of auto insurance coverage?

The main criteria used to establish an insurance premium include:

  • mileage driven every day and annually, for example driving to and from work
  • where you live
  • driver’s profile (age, gender, etc.)
  • driving experience (traffic violations, accidents)
  • the year, make and model of your vehicle
  • usage of your vehicle
  • chosen coverage and deductibles
  • group discount (if applicable)
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What happens if a vehicle is found after it has been stolen?

If your vehicle is found shortly after the theft, you can generally have it back. Of course, if the vehicle was damaged during the theft, resulting damages will be repaired prior to taking possession of your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is found after the claim has been settled with your insurer, the vehicle will not be returned to you.  There are situations where an insured would like to recuperate his vehicle once it has been found. In these situations, an agreement can be reached with the insurer in order to buy back the vehicle.

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What happens if I refuse to consent to having my credit record checked?

We will respect your decision and provide you with a premium. However, you most likely will not obtain our best premium offer.

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What impact does my place of residence have on my auto insurance premium?

Generally speaking, drivers residing in larger cities pay higher insurance premiums than residents living in rural areas. Among the factors to consider are: – Traffic volume (number of vehicles) – Organized vehicle theft networks, parking problems and hit and runs which are more common in large cities.

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What is a credit score?

The credit score is a measurement used to establish a customer’s financial credibility. Studies indicate that credit information is an important indicator in the probability of future claims. An objective comparison of individual credit information in relation to claim history was performed, and results indicated that low credit scores increased the probability of suffering a loss and presenting a claim. The reverse is also true. Furthermore, experience shows that a large proportion of consumers who consent to having their credit information used for insurance pricing purposes have obtained a better premium. However, it should be noted that you are not obliged to give your consent.

What is an auto “replacement cost” endorsement?

The endorsement Q.E.F. No. 43 (A to F) – Change to indemnity, commonly called “replacement cost”, It is an additional coverage. The option 43E that allows for the replacement of your vehicle (should it be stolen or declared a total loss) by a new vehicle having the same features, equipment and accessories. If such vehicle is no longer available, you may opt for a vehicle with similar features. If you choose not to replace your vehicle, the amount paid will correspond to the lesser of the following: the purchase price or the current price of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

In addition, with the option 43A, in the event of a partial loss, parts that cannot be repaired will be replaced by new parts.

This endorsement may be added to your vehicle coverage in consideration of an additional premium.

What is the claim process in the event of an accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, make sure to fill out a joint_report or obtain a police report directly at the scene of the accident. Afterwards, you must contact your insurer as quickly as possible to answer the claim adjuster’s questions in order to describe the circumstances of the accident. Your insurer will provide you with information regarding: – the possibility of getting a compensation for a rental vehicle – any deductible – the damages which are covered by your insurance contract in case of partial loss or by the various options that are at your disposal in the event of a total loss (replacement, loss payment indemnity, etc.).

When do I need commercial vehicle insurance?

Insurers utilize several criteria to determine if your vehicle is used for commercial purposes. Here are some of the criteria used:

  • the vehicle is registered in the name of a company
  • the vehicle has a commercial sign or lettering
  • the vehicle is used for business (for example if you are an independent worker, a construction worker, if you delivery goods or merchandise, if you carry passengers, etc.)
  • the vehicle weighs more than 4,500 kg
  • the vehicle is used for the transportation of materials, goods, tools or equipment related to a profession or a business.

We suggest that you discuss your particular insurance needs with your damage insurance agent. Any change resulting in the use of your vehicle must be declared immediately, even during the course of the contract.

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Why do insurers check my credit score?

Insurers check your credit score in order to provide you with the best possible insurance rates. There is a correlation between a client’s credit history and his insurance record. That is why it is one of the criteria used to establish your insurance premium and payment options.

Home Articles

Are my above-ground pool and/or my spa automatically covered?

No. You need to add extra coverage (an endorsement) to your home insurance contract. Accessories and equipment used for maintenance are also covered under this endorsement. With respect to coverage for an in-ground pool, you must notify your insurer in order to review your insurance amount.

Do I have to inform my insurer of my moving date?

Yes. Your insurer will ask questions about your new residence and will update your file accordingly.

Do I have to notify my insurer if I have other people living with me?

Yes. You must declare every person other than your spouse and the members of your family in order to have everyone is adequately covered.

Do I have to notify my insurer if I make home renovations?

It is important to notify your insurer if changes or renovations are made to your home. He will update your file to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Do I have to take home insurance even if I am a tenant?

Yes. Your possessions are worth being properly insured no matter what their value is. Furthermore, your home insurance provides civil liability which protects you against bodily injury or property damage involuntarily caused to others.

Do I need special insurance to cover my belongings when I move?

No. Your home insurance covers your belongings both in your new home and in your previous home for a period of 30 days should you move in several stages. However, to benefit from this coverage, your insurance contract must be in force at the time of your move.

Do you have an exclusive offer on a home security system?

Take advantage of a comprehensive security system and free installation,* which includes unmatched protection against:

  • Theft and break-ins
  • Fire
  • Water damage

Learn more about this special offer or how to upgrade your current security system.

Does my home insurance cover my dependent child who left home temporarily to study?

Yes. The belongings and the civil liability of your child are covered if he (she) studies full time in an educational institution. Minimal coverage is automatically included in your contract but it may be increased as needed by contacting your insurer.

How can I lower my home insurance premium?

There are several ways to save on your home insurance. Please refer to the specific section on our Web site.

What amount should I insure my personal property for?

It is important to properly evaluate the total value of the personal property that is located in your home. In order to assist you, you can complete an inventory of your possessions by listing the objects separately for each room in order to determine the amount of coverage that is needed. Include receipts of high value objects and warranties of expensive items. Store this list in a safe place outside of your home such as a bank safety-deposit box, for example.